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To find internships and fellowships at legal aid organizations throughout Illinois, including those sponsored by the Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI), please click here

Resources for Law Students Volunteer Opportunities  

Law Student Pro Bono
Describes the why, what, how and who of pro bono work for law students.

Illinois 711 License: Providing Legal Services While in Law School
Information on the Illinois 711 License and how a law student may obtain it.

Opportunities for Law Students Pursuing Public Interest Careers
Information on internships, fellowships, and other opportunities for law students is provided.

Resources for Students Pursuing Careers in Private Practice
In this article, you will learn about incorporating pro bono into your practice.

Bridging the Gap - Tips for Pro Bono Volunteers Assisting Low-Income Clients
Provides helpful tips and describes issues pro bono volunteers may encounter when assisting low-income clients.

Loan Forgiveness and Repayment Assistance Programs & Tools
This article provides a summary of repayment and forgiveness programs available to public interest lawyers.

Intake Attorney
Administer Justice
Posted: 02/19/2015

Illinois Legal Aid Online
Posted: 02/05/2015

Present Educational Seminars
Equip for Equality
Posted: 12/29/2014

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